hold me close, don't let go; watch me burn.
yo i'm ava, eve, whatever. i like bands, tattoos, teen wolf, the walking dead and actors that are old enough to be my father.


Basement // DUI


Brand New - Daisy

Bring Me The Horizon - Deathbeds (x)

People = Shit/Slipknot.

Bring Me The Horizon - It Never Ends

Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake - Bring Me The Horizon

"I write poems for myself and I write poetry that gets torn apart and becomes songs. I have a lot of respect for words, the power of words. I have so much love and respect for poetry, that it’s something I have to do myself for myself without other influences. I don’t want to mention favorite poets, what few I have, because I think that world should be discovered by you alone. Besides, few contemporary poets do much for me." - Kurt Cobain.